The Institute for Developing Advanced Leadership – IDEAL

This is where the church gathers to learn from God’s Word through weekly studies and edifying programming, which aside from being contextualized will also provide a basis for the spiritual growth of our community. This was developed for enabling people to handle God’s Word correctly (II Timothy 2:15), so that they may use their gifts and skills for the common good (I Corinthians 12:7), including the Church and society in guiding them towards the love of God. (Romans 15:1-2). Keeping as a premise the Universal Priesthood (I Peter 2:9) and the Calling to Lead the world (Matthew 5:13-14).

The IDEAL aims to glorify God through the implementation of an educational program in which the political teaching content will be firmly based on biblical principals and values and will offer guidance to the participants as to how they comprehend God’s calling and the responsibilities that go with the calling. There will be an emphasis in various areas such as personal edification, Leadership and Evangelism, with the view to renew their christian commitment and offer them tools so that they might develop their full potential in making a difference in society in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. To promote the understanding of biblical basics for their christian development and their personal relationship with God, with daily application of the theory and teaching/learning process, enabling each participant to understand and seek to develop their aim for a christian life observing a basic knowledge of the Bible and christian education.

August 2015 - New classes

Wednesday classes
Start lessons: 12th August
Time: 8:30pm
Classes on Sundays
Start of classes: 16th August
Time: 8:30am


Place: Cidade Viva Convention Center

Applications: or at the Bussola (Weekly Guide) desk

Information: +55 (83) 3041 7471 |

Subjects with no requirements:


Depression has affected millions of christians and non-christians in a very intense way. Using as a foundation the biblical assumptions about what ails our emotions this course aims to help those who are interested in understanding what God has to say in His Word about depression. What is depression? What are the symptoms? What is the difference between depression and discouragement? How can christians be affected by depression? Are there biblical narratives about depression? What can you do when you suffer from this illness? This is suitable for Christians who desire to know more about the basic nature of the problem and provide a Christ centered study of this theme.

This course aims to prepare people to have a better awareness of their money, according to what the Bible teaches, and it also teaches basic techniques for organizing your domestic budget, how to prepare a cash flow system and based on this knowledge they can make decisions that will permit a basic managing of their home’s financial resources.
Now this is what this discipline will not teach you (yet): how to clear up your doubts; how to deal with credit; how to prepare elaborate calculations for your personal finances; how to deal with investments; to learn more about banking services; how to plan your retirement, and succession plans; how to deal with taxes; how to deal with risks concerning your property and lifestyle; to make long-term plans for your property. This is recommended for young people and adults who receive an income, preferably those who actually provide, at least part of, the home expenses. People who as yet do not have any form of control over their home spending habits. Peopl who need to have a healthier relationship with money. These classes will be divided into three parts: – 1st part: Awareness – Why talk about money; and what does the Bible say about money; the meaning of work and; how to deal with finances. 2nd part: The product of organization; how to plan for organization; tips to start getting organized. 3rd Part: Developing organization; Establishing Goals; Dealing with surplus; creating reserves.

The Old Testament Overview course comprises only three classes of one and a half hours each and this is an excellent tool for those who would like to have preliminary lessons, such as, a study of the first books in the Bible, the different phases of the Jewish people, the prophecies, the preparation for the arrival of Jesus Christ and other information that will give the student a good foundation for deeper digging in God’s Word. Unforgettable!


This course will give the participant the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Third Person of the Trinity, in such a way as to find strength, support, instruction, holiness and power to fulfill God’s will. This material will also allow a personal study that is divided in 21 devotionals. A real blessing.

BEFORE YOU SAY YES (Exclusively for engaged couples)





The following classes have one requirement – they need to have completed the First Steps course

We believe that each christian is called to spread God’s KIngdom, yet we also know that each one has a specific calling and their own way of fulfilling God’s commands. This course therefore, aims to help you understand the fundamentals of this commission and to help/challenge you to find your own way of evangelizing. It is divided in two parts. The first one offers, based on the Holy Bible, an alignment and critical doctrinal basis for the spread of the Gospel in our post modern age. In the second part we deal with a very practical bias and highlight different ways of evangelizing, christian counselling and discipleship so that the participants might proactively fulfill the “Go into all the world…” (Matthew 28:19-20). Upon concluding the course there is a “visitation” or a social action evangelistic outreach in a pre-arranged place (a shelter, a hospital, etc.) in the greater João Pessoa área – Paraíba.


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