Connections – Small groups – this is the church gathered in the homes in small groups according to different profiles (couples, women, men, young people, teenagers).

The reason these groups meet is threefold: Mutual shepherding, Perception of reciprocal commandments and life and character transformation. This allows us to be strengthened so that we can lead people to Jesus and serve in love those who the Lord has entrusted to us, in the following way:

a) In mutual shepherding all those who participate also care for each other.

b) In living out the reciprocal commandments we promote amongst us the daily practice of the commandments with our Brothers and sisters, and in this was we are strengthened in order to serve those to whom the Lord directs us. There are 54 verses in the New Testament that deal with these commandments (forgive one anothers sins; be patient one with another; love one another, ect);

c) In the Transformation of life and character, the facilitators lead but they, as in the other points, also need to receive care from the other group participants whenever necessary, In this way, it is necessary that everyone together and separately develop the character like Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit. To do this there needs to be confession of sins, sharing of various problems, joys, plans, dreams, amongst other.

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